New Assessment Exam for HR Students

Assurance of Learning® Assessment for Graduating HR Students:

The Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) Assurance of Learning® Assessment for graduating HR students was designed for students who are completing an HR degree and who have little or no work experience in HR. It benefits students by showing employers the student has acquired the minimum knowledge required to be a successful HR professional, and it gives recent graduates an important advantage over other entry-level candidates by showing the student has achieved the Certificate of Learning upon passing an exit exam. The Assessment complements formal classroom knowledge acquired through a degree program and experiential learning gained through internships.


Students are eligible for the Assessment Exam if: 1)  they are currently studying HR in an undergraduate or graduate degree program;  2) if they do not have work experience in Human Resources; and 3) if they are in the period of one year before expected graduation to one year after graduation.  Students who have direct experience in HR (other than internships) are not eligible for the Assessment exam, and they should consider taking a PHR or SPHR certification exam when they are eligible.

The Assessment is comprised of 160 multiple choice questions, about 30% of which are scenario-related questions to test the examinee's ability to apply HR knowledge. The questions are categorized into six broad categories (training and development, workforce planning, strategy, total rewards, employment law, and employee and labor relations). Students have four hours to complete the exam, which is administered at Prometric test centers around the world.   Assessment exam results are mailed to students approximately 8 weeks after they take the exam.


Student SHRM members pay $135 for the Assessment exam; non-members pay $210.  (Note: SHRM student membership costs $35/year.)  Additional fees are charged if the student applies to take the Assessment exam outside of the United States.   There are three Assessment Exam windows each year: March 15 to April 15; July 15 to August 15; and October 15 to November 15.  Eligible students may apply online to take the Assessment exam during one of three application periods each year (beginning November 16th, April 16th, and August 16th).   The Assessment website is:; this site provides additional details about the Assessment exam and an online application form.   For questions about the exam, email SHRM at:, or call 800-283-7476 (ext 3926).