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SHRM Resources

  • SHRM Student to Professional Programs

If you are currently a member of SHRM, you are probably benefiting from the student rate of $40/year, a steep discount from the professional member rate of $190/year.  Once you graduate, you will no longer be eligible for the $40 student rate.  However, SHRM offers a “Student-to-Professional” Program that allows graduates to be eligible for a special discounted membership rate of $90/year for two years after graduation.  Your continuing membership in SHRM after graduation can be especially useful if you are working in an HR position that requires you to access information about changes in the law, find out about best practices, or,

 For more information, click on this link: https://www.shrm.org/Communities/StudentPrograms/pages/conversion.aspx

  • SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment for Graduating HR Students

SHRM's Assurance of Learning® Assessment for graduating HR students is a benchmark for students who are completing an HR degree and who have little to no work experience in HR. It benefits students by showing employers the student has acquired the minimum knowledge required to be a successful HR professional, and it gives recent graduates an advantage over other entry-level candidates by showing the student has achieved the Certificate of Learning upon passing an exit exam. And, it helps employers know that the student has taken an additional step to ensure their degree, complemented by a Proficient or Advanced Certificate of Learning achievement, adequately prepares them for their career in HR. The SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment complements both formal classroom knowledge acquired through a degree program and experiential learning gained through internships.  This assessment exam may be most relevant to students who are about to complete their undergraduate studies with a concentration in Human Resources.  Students nearing the completion of an MS in HR Management and Labor Relations, or recent graduates with the MS, who have a new job in HR should consider the SHRM-CP certification exam--see the following article.  MS students or graduates with more HR experience should consider the SHRM-SCP exam if they have more experience.


Visit the SHRM Assessment website for more details: http://www.shrm.org/assessment or contact Prof Ninehan

  • SHRM Certification

In 2015, SHRM started to offer two certifications to HR professionals, the SHRM-CP and the SHRM-SCP.  Certifications demonstrate an HR practitioner’s knowledge and skills in HR, provide evidence of his/her commitment to the profession, and make the person more marketable to employers.  As of this month, 96,000 HR practitioners hold a SHRM certification.  Eligible HR professionals can take a qualifying exam that demonstrates the person’s knowledge of critical areas of HR, as well as their HR behavioral competencies.  Generally, practitioners with at least a graduate degree and 3 years of experience would qualify to take the SHRM-SCP exam.  However, a graduate of the MS-HRM/LR program who has an HR position does not need to have any specific amount of experience to be eligible for the SHRM-CP exam.  Two recent alumni of our MS program successfully became SHRM-CP certified this past Spring, and students working in HR have prepared to take a certification exam soon after graduation.  So as you approach graduation, consider becoming certified (NYIT offers certification preparation courses as well).  

For more information: www.shrmcertification.org, or contact Prof Ninehan.

  • SHRM Scholarships
SHRM also offers scholarships to HR students. First, there is the SHRM Foundation Student Scholarship Program which will award $37,000 in competitive scholarships for graduate and undergraduate education. 13 scholarships are available to students who are members of SHRM. Applications for these scholarships are due by November 1,2016.

SHRM also has a fellowship program for HR professionals who are pursuing a Master's degree, if they have at least five years of professional HR experience and at least 10 years of total professional work experience and at least a 3.5 GPA. Each year SHRM awards one $10,000 fellowship to a SHRM student member, or t a certified professional, who is seeking a Masters degree. The award can be renewed for an additional year if the winner remains in school. The deadline to apply is August 15,2016.

For more information, click here: