▪ Professional Enrichment

Professional Enrichment Program

This unique program, cited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) as a "strong and effective practice," provides more than 100 co-curricular seminars, forums, and workshops, delivered primarily by alumni and community and business leaders, that engage students in a learning experience focused on issues of emerging importance in the business arena and skill set development that target professional polish.

A Message from the Dean and the Director

Welcome to the School of Management's Professional Enrichment Program, a set of opportunities to supplement classroom learning, deliver cutting-edge information, and offer activities that foster the development of professional skills necessary to compete in the international marketplace. The primary audience for the program is our students and alumni.

In conjunction with the school’s centers of excellence, we also offer lifelong learning enrichment activities that cater to the community and business leaders in the form of professional seminars and certificate bearing programs. Please join us as we endeavor to deliver an educational experience that addresses your personal and professional needs, enhances the NYIT community through the provision of developmental opportunities, and ultimately augments the competitiveness of the metro New York business community.

Jess Boronico, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Management

Jim Murdy, Ph.D.
Director, Professional Enrichment Program
School of Management


Certificate of Completion Programs

The School of Management offers a Certificate of Completion Program. This initiative facilitates the exposure of our students, alumni, and partners who can further their lifelong goals by participating in these cutting-edge and experiential education opportunities.

To earn a Certificate of Completion, participants must attend a minimum of four (4) activities in the designated track of activities.  

Recommended Involvement

During the pilot year, students are required to complete the professional enrichment component as specified in course syllabi. All School of Management students are strongly encouraged to exceed the minimum number of sessions and activities to further their own professional goals and development. The long-term goal will include students accruing 16 professional enrichment points during their time spent enrolled in the School of Management.

Earning Professional Enrichment Points

Students earn enrichment points through their involvement in scheduled activities that are provided by way of this schedule, which will be provided and updated/expanded each semester. Numerous events are sponsored by the School of Management, or co-sponsored with our partners, including community and business leaders, alumni, and other vested stakeholders. Student participation in a School of Management-sponsored clubs and/or attendance at a professional association meeting/conference/ seminar also qualify for enrichment points (a maximum of four enrichment points may be earned for activities outside of NYIT. 

All enrichment activities earn one enrichment point unless otherwise noted. Students must bring their NYIT identification card (ID) to any enrichment activity they attend. The ID is collected and information recorded during the first TEN (10) minutes of an activity, and returned to the student upon completion of the workshop. Failure to bring the ID, or coming more than ten (10) minutes late to a workshop, results in the loss of an opportunity to earn an enrichment point for the activity. Enrichment points are entered into a database for the purpose of monitoring the number of points earned. The database is provided to all School of Management faculty at the end of each semester for the purpose of monitoring the number of points accumulated towards course requirements.